Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day {or Galentine's Day}, sweet friends!  I hope your day includes love, in any form, today!

I have an odd relationship with this day.  I don't have particularly strong feelings in any direction.  I have just never been into it, but I certainly don't hate it either.  

It is though, my Grandpa's day.

The grandparent to whom I was closest, was born and died on February 14th.  And while almost everyone who hears that thinks it's sad or morbid, I have forever found it really beautiful.  To come and go on the same day.  It just seems like a very exact and complete circle to me.

So regardless of where I am in a romantic relationship during this day, I always always smile {and maybe get a bit teary} because above all else, it just makes me think of my kind and loving grandpa who did so much for me.

Happy birthday, Grandpa!  Take care of my Sadie!


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