Friday, February 24, 2017

Do You Want To Share Your Balloons With Me? A Birthday To Smile About.

My birthday, my Dark Day, came and went and I'm happy to say it ended on such a great note!

Now let me be honest that I did break down and cry a few times earlier in the day.  It's not my dark day because it's all sunshine and giggles.  And then add in the fact that's this was my first birthday without my Sadie here...well there were tears.  I struggled.  

But a lot of good happened too.  And it's so important for me to focus on that.  So here are a few sweet highlights...

Not only did my dad remember my birthday but he brought me donuts and gave me a card {the same card he gave me last year...which we both thought was hilarious} and a really thoughtful gift.  He gave me a DNA ancestry test because I've wanted to take one for years but never got around to ordering it. I was so shocked as birthdays have just never been his thing.  

I can't wait to get the results back in 4-6 weeks!  One of my parents was adopted so half of my genetics are a total mystery.  While I am pulling for something fun and exotic, I'm fare skinned and blonde, so chances are good the thing will only tell me I am Northern European.  Stay tuned to see how this pans out though!

The middle of the day was the hard part for me.  But I am so lucky to have friends who flooded me with sweet texts all day.  Big shout out to Bestie {long time readers might remember her} and Hamilton {whom I am happy to report sat fourth row at Hamilton a few days ago...the lucky duck that she is!} for literally holding me up with loving and funny texts all day.  Hamilton went above and beyond the call of friend duty and I am over the moon grateful!

I knew I needed to do something fun in the afternoon so I decided to go to the mall {I never ever go to malls} to shop because I have a bunch of random gift cards form Christmas.  I just thought that might be a little distraction from the day as it's so out of the box for me.  I think though that I forgot how to shop in person for things.  My big goal was to get a fun pallet from Sephora.  But I was so insanely overwhelmed that after circling the entire store, I walked out without so much as touching anything.  Too much, too bright, too loud, too many choices.  At clothing stores, I just didn't find anything I liked.  I only even tried on dresses at JCrew, but was disappointed with how they fit my body {big boobs get me every time}.  

I was pretty amused by it all though and it ate up an hour and a half so it worked out in the end.  I guess.  Though I still have a stack of gift cards.  I'll have to use them online though.  It's hard to believe that I once upon a time worked in a mall because it just feels like such a foreign experience to me these days.

The evening was the most fun.  I went to District's house and was met at the door by my four year old Baby Bestie H.  Who immediately asked me if I wanted to share my balloons with him.  As I wasn't even inside yet and had not seen the balloons, I was completely confused.  But there were in fact six pretty balloons, a handmade card from my H, presents, and a cake.  I never in a million years expected such a fuss and was really humbled.  

H gave me all the hugs and then suggested we play the birthday game.  I bet you're wondering what that is.  I was too.  It's tag...but on your birthday.  Clever little lovie!  

{Don't worry...I left the pretty balloons that Mr. District went to a lot of trouble to get for me and I love him to bits for doing...there for Baby Bestie H to see in the morning.  Because I'm a grown up and how the heck could I take away our shared balloons?!}

The cake was THE BEST part of the night.  A Mardi Gras cake, that got a bit tilted in the box because four year olds are helpful, with Happy Birthday KK written on it, and the very best part, specially chosen Spider Man candles.  Apparently H's mother, District, tried to suggest princess candles.  But H knew his Auntie KK would melt inside when she saw those Spidey candles.  They were hilarious and sweet and just totally made that cake prefect.  

And because four year olds are, as noted, helpful, H was kind enough to help me blow out those candles.  Team work makes the dream work, baby!  

After candles and cake, District and I went out to have the most amazing meal at Ama Cocina that I cannot stop talking about.  Signature guacamole, seriously good margaritas, shrimp tacos, and roll your eyes back in your head street corn.  

I had so much anxiety and fear about this birthday.  And parts of the day were really hard.  But I fell asleep feeling loved.  I have good humans in my life to make me laugh and smile and lift me up.  I am lucky.  Very, very lucky!



MCW said...

Big boobs. A curse and a blessing. They make it such a pain to wear SO many things. Glad your birthday turned out to be fun!

MaggieMcCurdy said...

SO glad to read that your birthday was filled with special surprises!! I was sitting here nodding my head right along with everything you wrote about trying to shop at the mall. I went about a month ago and was seriously like a person from another planet. I was so overwhelmed by the stores and all of the choices! I ended up going home and just shopping online as I've become so accustomed to it!

Very cool about the DNA kit! Love that your Dad not only remembered your birthday but also had a sweet, thoughtful gift!


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