Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Yoga Goals For The New Year

About a year and a half ago, I decided to give yoga another try.  While it wasn't love at first attempt, I did very quickly feel the mental health benefits from getting on my mat regularly.  So I pressed on.  Begrudgingly, much of the time for the first several months.

Last year our relationship, mine with yoga, was on again off again.  I would be in it to win it for three or four weeks and then too busy or too tired for one or two months.  The cycle continued all year.  Until November, when I stopped sleeping.  And one night before the election when I was wide awake at an insane hour and just so agitated that I couldn't manage to calm down, I rolled out my mat and turned on a YouTube video.  

It helped.

So I kept with it and logged a lot of hours on my mat in November.  I can't remember exactly but I want to say I averaged four or more days each week.  

I decided to give myself a little challenge in December and go for daily yoga.  And while not every day was a big practice, I did in fact do something daily for all 31 days of December.  I did it!

This year I am not making a yearly goal.  Instead, I am sticking to what worked last year and making a monthly goal.  To start the year off strong, I am aiming for another full 31 days of yoga in January.  

I feel like I can do it.  I mean, I've been sick for the first few days of the month so far and have still managed to get myself {and a box of tissues} on my mat each day.  I've fought the urge to skip the day and have pushed myself to do more and go further.  

Intentions are a big part of practicing yoga so I've set a big one for this month.  I hope to get to a point that I crave yoga {or any exercise} daily.  Not just enjoy the feeling after I push myself to get on the mat.  I want to crave actually getting on my mat to begin with.  

I'm not there yet, which sort of concerns me because I did a whole heck of a lot of yoga last year.  And credit it for keeping my cuckoo in the clock a lot of days.  But I still don't thirst for experience.  

So that's the goal this month.  And perhaps it will have to be my goal for many more months...only time will tell.  I'll definitely keep y'all posted on this little journey because this is the year yoga and I get a lot more intimate with each other!

What are your goals for January?  Are they fitness related or something completely different?  Do you have any tips or tricks for getting to a place of craving exercise instead of doing it because you know you will feel better after it's over?


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