Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sadie Sunday: Always On My Yoga Mat

Dear Sadie,

Sometimes when I'm laying on my back on my yoga mat, for a fraction of a second, I can feel you in the room.  I can see you in the corner of my eye, walking up to see what I'm doing.  I can feel your little nose give my closed eyes a kiss.

And it's the very best fraction of a second, my baby bunny.

I use the same yoga mat that you chewed when you were little.  I desperately need an upgrade to a thicker mat.  And perhaps I'll buy one this year, finally.  But I'll never get rid of or stop using this trusty old mat that I consider ours.  Together.  Because we both tried to figure out the world in downward dog on this purple thing.

I hope no matter where I go in this world, I always get to feel you doing yoga with me for the very best fraction of a second in any day!

I miss you, little baby.  But I suspect you already know that...

XO Momma

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