Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy National Pie Day: Cherry Blueberry Pie

Happy National Pie Day, sweet friends!  This is my third favorite fake holiday {National Dog Day is first, and Pi Day is second because you get pie plus it's it eeks out Pie Day...just in case you wanted the details on how I rank fake're welcome}. 

I made a cherry blueberry pie on a whim.  No recipe but I mean, fruit pies are usually a safe bet.  Look how pretty it can that be anything other than delicious?!  I also made two baby pies in canning jar rings to give to my upstairs neighbors. 

I should have given this more time and used a ruler.  Martha Stewart probably uses a ruler.  Or instructs her people to use rulers.  I however just zipped though a few straight-ish lines with a pizza cutter and called it a day.  

I wish you could smell my tiny home right now!  No matter what's happening in the kitchen has a pie in everything is going to be just fine!


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