Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day Of Kindness, Two Doses Of Yoga, And Gardening Answers

Well friends, it's done.  The day came and happened and we all survived.  High fives all around!

Was it a super strange day for everyone else or just me?  My morning was normal-ish because I kept to my routine but I avoided all new sources at all costs.  Which right away is weird for me.  I am constantly plugged in and reading bits throughout my day, normally.  I just knew that was nothing but toxic energy for me though so I did a good job keeping myself filtered.  But I mean, just because I avoided TV and newspapers and such, doesn't mean I was magically unaware or okay.  

Thank goodness for good friends who were in the same heartbroken boat and were just a text away all day.

One of the things that made me so sad though was seeing people post that the day was historic.  I mean, I guess if you mean because we have a new person in the job, sure.  But to me, it's only historic because we are literally moving backwards in history.  I'm not composed enough to go into that, though.  So, good news for you!

In the afternoon, I went on my kindness adventure.  And while I am rather generously using the word adventure here, it was successful.  I'm sort of laughing at myself because when I did it years ago, I planned that day out for six months.  Which is a lot of time to think of every last detail and create giant expectations.  So when the day, which also happened to be my 35th birthday {aka My Dark Day} was a failure, I took that pretty hard.  My plans and expectations for yesterday, as a result, were low.  I think that worked in my favor.

I donated a back seat full of clothes and shoes, which felt great.  If I had been more organized, I'm sure I could come up with more.  Maybe I'll make that happen next week.  I own like 30000 towels but I use only two {one bath towel, one hand towel...and then I have a few more in the kitchen} on a daily basis.  I used to keep the old ones with the dog in mind.  But I don't have a dog now.  And I don't need a tiny home overrun by just in case towels.  

In true KK fashion though, not everything went according to my already low expectations and plans.  I went to donate the coats, etc only to find out I was 15 mins too late for when they accept donations.  I ended up at Salvation Army out of convenience.  Which is...fine.  

Also, I intended to go through Starbucks and pay for the car behind me.  I drove to Starbucks and guess what was missing?  Other people in the drive thru.  I waited a bit but no one came so I decided plan B was to do this at Dunkin {the D list Starbucks in my opinion...there she goes with all her big, controversial opinions again} because it's on my way back from Salvation Army, where I was headed next.  Same thing happened at Dunkin and by then I was sort of over it all and just gave up on the coffee line Random Act of Kindness game.

I did a few other things but the two that I actually enjoyed the most were mailing some love letters to some humans who mean a whole heck of a lot to me and randomly placing some of my strawberry painted stones in dirt near trees throughout the day {I have more and will continue to do this because it is just the kind of weird but sweet stuff that makes me smile}.  I went to bed wondering if anyone noticed my randomly placed strawberries.  I sure hope so!

So that was my day.  

My night was less successful.  I got more info, although still not a ton, but it was enough to make me cry and feel all the uneasy feels.  And more than that, I felt a deep fear.

Instead of baking brownies and eating half the pan though, I did a second yoga video at 10PM.  That is so not like me.  I mean, that's honestly the craziest part of the day.  But I felt calmer.  

So the bad news is, we might lose all our rights and homes and healthcare by the end of the month.  The good news is, I'm going to be fit as all get out.  And even if I still maintain my chub, I'm going to be calmer.  I'm just always on the quest for a silver lining, my friends!

Are you or did you march today?  I regret not going down to NYC or DC to be a part of it.  I am just glued to my phone waiting for updates from friends around the country.  What a beautiful way to participate in the process!

Next week I'm going to start talking about gardening more.  I get questions on Instagram fairly often about gardening and am happy to answer there, but if there's something you want me to explain in more detail here, just let me know.  I'm not at all an expert but if I can answer your questions, I'm happy to! 

Happy Women's March Day to all who are part of the movement, in person and in your heart!


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