Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Haul From The Waist Down

I just have to show off two of my favorite gifts from Santa Claus this year: distressed boyfriend jeans and grey old man sneakers.  Also known as two of the most comfortable items I've ever worn!

Oh you thought this was going to be a big, fancy Christmas haul where I showed off all my extravagant items?  Sorry to disappoint.  

Times have changed and so has my style {to a degree}.

I used to iron my jeans.  The Butler Besties can speak to this fact as they about lost their minds the first time they saw me on the floor of our dorm room, ironing my jeans for the day.  

But that's just not my lifestyle these days.

I live in the North Pole.  Or Upstate NY.  Same same.  Even at my most casual, I'm still more dressed up than most of the folks I run into around here.  Which used to drive me nuts.  But I think over the years I've come to understand that this is just a really casual and relaxed part of the country.  I've acclimated a bit, too.  

Hence the sneakers.  

I love them though.  They're just this side of old man walking shoes but I think they're so cute with casual jeans or shorts.  The grey color is awesome as it goes with everything and won't show dirt.  {I'm a gardener so I have a lot of dirt in my life!}

Boyfriend jeans have been on trend for a few years now and I am honestly kind of late to that party.  Holy smokes, y'all!  If you don't have a pair, go get your self some this weekend!  

This distressed pair comes from the very exclusive land of Old Navy.  And while I will probably love a dark wash, skinny jean for all of time, these losey goosey boyfriend jeans are my new happy place {in terms of pants, that is}. I think they look great with a tighter cable knit sweater, button down with a popped collar and pearls {of course!}, or a big, soft flannel shirt.  So....basically everything I own!

What's your favorite clothing item lately?  Are you a fan of the boyfriend jean trend?  


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