Wednesday, January 25, 2017

All The Things Happening In My Head

* I'm having a creative slump.  Sort of across the board in my life.  I'm really not sure how to fix this problem, but I do know that the more I focus on it, the worse it gets.  Do you ever get this way?  Either in your professional or personal life?  How do you shake it off?  If the weather was better, going for a long walk or hike or sweating it out in the garden might help, but it's cold and wet right now.  If only there was a jar of creative inspiration on a shelf somewhere...

* I'm trying to decide if I should cut my hair or let it linger this length a bit longer.  I love Michelle Obama's haircut above her shoulders and cut blunt across.  But I'm not sure I'd ever get my hair to look like that as mine is baby fine, very straight and has no body to it.  My big fear with long hair is looking like a sister wife. These are the things that concern me late at night when everyone else is easily falling into slumber.  Promise me you'll kindly tell me if it looks like I am headed for a ranch or commune!

* I do not want this to turn into a political blog.  I actually have a political blog that I never told anyone about.  I barely used it and kept it private because back when preppy blogging was still a thing, it was clear that going against the grain was not welcome.  So I quietly had it just for myself.  But that's neither here nor there.  All I am trying to say is that I do not want this to become a political rant at all times. That said...all but eliminating the EPA, the Dakota Pipeline, my health care on the chopping block, alternative facts, and putting rosaries, with which I do not pray, all over my ovaries, has me beside myself.  We're only a few days in and things are worse than I ever imagined.  My heart hurts.  

* In less dramatic news, I'm still doing yoga daily.  Every single day in December and so far every single day in January, I've found my way to my mat.  Lately I've noticed some real improvement in my flexibility and upper body strength.  I'm doing more and holding longer planks, which feels like a pretty big victory for a girl who can barely open sauce jars and has never once done a pull up {I still probably can't do one}.  My goal is just one month at a time, so I have not and will not set a goal for the year.  I'm dealing with January and then I will deal with February.  Small bites.  But...I wonder...can a girl who doesn't like exercise really see her way to exercising regularly for a full year?  I might make my goal something other than yoga for February so any suggestions are welcome.  

* January and February are my least favorite months because I am so ready to focus on my garden but it's too early to even plant seeds at this point.  I can't wait to play in the dirt and sunshine again!  I've drawn up at least four drafts of this year's garden layout but have yet to settle on the final plan {which will change anyway so who knows why I pretend this plan has any staying power...}. 

* One of my goals every year is to feel body confident in a bathing suit.  To clarify, my goal isn't actually to have some rockin' bikini body.  I want to feel confident in the body I already have, regardless of what it looks like.  Last year I bought one of those swim shirts.  Are they called rash guards?  That's a terrible name!  Anyway, I bought one and used it and loved it.  I felt so much more comfortable.  I found a bit of confidence that I'd not felt in ages.  But I just looked at a photo of myself and holy is not flattering.  I feel like the way it hangs off my chest {and we all know I am mighty blessed in the chest...even though it rarely feels like a blessing} makes me look bigger than I actually am.  So now I am back to working on my body confidence issues so I can wear a real bathing suit top and not something called a rash guard.  Being an adult is just exhausting sometimes!  So much to work on!

* I posted a really easy tutorial on how to make roasted chicken or turkey bone broth here.  It's a bit different in that I roast the bones and cook down some of the veg first to give it richer flavor.  Do you make broth or stock and freeze it?  It's one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen because you get a lot of such little effort.

And that's what's brewing in my head at the moment.  How are you?  How are your goals going now that we are a few weeks into the year?  How's your week so far?  


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MCW said...

With all the shit going on in my life lately, what is giving me the most anxiety is the president. For real. I guess it's a good distraction????


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