Friday, January 20, 2017

A Dark Day Turns Into A Day Of Kindness

It's here.  The day so many of us have been dreading.  I'm still in a fog about a lot of it to be honest.  That person, who represents so much hate is going to be our President and a world leader.

It's not about partisan politics at this point.  I mean, I've never voted for a Republican for President, but I've never feared lives and freedoms the way I do today.  This is dark and different.

12 years ago I was at Bush's second Inauguration.  It was so insanely cold standing outside for everything, but it was also really amazing to take in that experience.  My favorite part, but also the coldest part, was the parade.  I remember just dying at the end from sitting on a mental bleacher {we had great seats though- thanks Jules!}, unmoving, outside, for hours.  My friend and I parted ways as we left and I popped into a Caribou Coffee {are they even still around?  We don't have them up here.} to use their rest room and get a drink.  And as I picked up my drink, I saw a chair open up and I sat down.  And because I had been outside for hours and my feet were completely numb from being so cold {it would be years before I gave in and bought Uggs}, I just sat there and slowly sipped my coffee and people watched in that crowded coffee shop for over an hour.  I don't know why that sticks out as a memory for me, but I honestly really enjoyed it.  Once the feeling in my feet came back, I made my way home to my Sadie on the Hill.  It was just a really cool experience all around.  Literally.

Again, I didn't vote for him.  But we don't win everything in life.  I never feared the man, though.  I never looked at his words and thought, people will die because of your reign of terror.  I didn't politically agree with him on much, but I constantly said and truly believed that he, like every other President in my lifetime, cared so deeply about our country.

The fears we have today are real and valid and multiplying daily.  I hope you know that you are not alone in those fears.  

I have really fun plans for this day though, as I am not giving in to either a full on wallow session or a celebration of a hate agenda.  No time for that today!  

Today is my personal DAY OF KINDNESS.

Now, I have some actual things I need to do in the morning, so this is like a half day of kindness I guess.  But I mean, it's a Friday on a week that sort of got off kilter so I'm working with what I have.  And that's the afternoon.

I'm not doing anything groundbreaking but I am going to donate a bunch of coats {and other warm clothes} to a local shelter.  I love coats and have so many of them.  But I don't need all of them.  So it's time to share.  Winter will be here for at least three more months so it's time to warm someone else up.

I have a list of Random Acts of Kindness lined up too.  Though they're planned out so for me, they are not at all random.  But hopefully for someone else they will be.  {My list is simple though because a few years ago I did this for my birthday and it was sort of a disaster.}

I'm sending some love mail to a few friends.  I used to write letters all the time.  But it's so rare these days.  Today though, I'm sending my words old school snail mail to my loves=!

And of course, I have yoga on the agenda.  I am not always kind to myself.  In fact, I'm probably least kind to myself if I am being really honest here.  So my goal is to be kind in thoughts as well as kind to my body.  

Today's a dark day.  But I am determined to put just a little light and love into the world, too.  

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MCW said...

I just added that pic to my FB page. Love that quote. And I am ignoring today and waiting until tomorrow, the Women's March in DC.


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