Thursday, December 1, 2016

Volunteer Of The Year

Last night was so special for me.  My dad was honored for his big heart and tireless volunteer efforts for the city of Troy, NY.

Dad is quiet.  Hates to be the center of attention.  Content to stand in the back of the room.  He works hard and gives everything to his community.  But quiet kids are rarely seen in life.

No one was more surprised than he was when the BID told him they were honoring him {plus one business and one organization} at this annual event.  I'm not sure either of us knew what to expect but it ended up being an amazing evening.  I'm the proudest daughter ever!

My father volunteers a lot.  He was raised that way and raised me to do the same.  I remember being really young and my dad talking to me about giving your time and shopping local to support your community.  Those were two of my moral foundations I suppose.  

So many of my dad's friends came and it was just so lovely to see his circle of support.  He was so humbled and appreciative and I just know he left feeling loved.

It's not at all news to me that my father loves his community.  But it was such sweet news to realize that this community loves him right back!

My heart is beaming with pride over my kind, loving, and dedicated father being honored in such a big way last night!



MCW said...

That is awesome! I need to start volunteering more...

Annie said...

This is wonderful! I know he loved you being there too!


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