Saturday, December 31, 2016

My December

December flew by this year and I never got around to jotting down a few of my favorite memories.  So before the year comes to an end, let's talk about December.  A month in review.

At the end of November, a few days before Thanksgiving, I popped down to the garden for the final visit of the year.  I collected what was still growing to make my Thanksgiving dinner: Swiss Chard, kale, chives, scallions, one little onion, celery, sage, and time.  It was the perfect final garden harvest of the season!

My little garden is all tucked in for winter.  I never made it back to pull out the plants I mentioned harvesting above so they will be stumps to deal with in May.  But that's not a big deal at all.  Every other bit is neatly mulched over for winter, winter peas are planted, and four varieties of garlic are planted.  I can't wait to see her again in spring 2017!

I met a sweet friend for drinks at a very fun bar in town.  We're both newly on the bourbon bandwagon and had the best time trying some amazing beverages!  Hamilton is practically PH.D in bourbon, whiskey and rye and has been the best personal resource on the subject.  If you're a fan too, what's your favorite?  

I went to a screening of Hamilton's Albany with our amazing local PBS station, WMHT.  It was fantastic and if you can find it online, you should absolutely watch it.  The screening was at the Albany Museum of History and Art, where District and I once again decorated a Christmas tree.  So after the viewing, I popped in to get a photo of myself awkwardly standing in front of the tree.  Classic!

I am in love with this outfit.  For several years now I've been a big fan of white jeans in winter.  They're on trend, yes, but they also just look lovely.  I was pleased as punch with my giant Mermaid pearls, oatmeal sweater, white jeans, and pink ballet flats.  

I was tickled when my dad agreed to come with me to the screening.  We actually spent a good amount of time together in November and December and it was nice to have those memories.  

He's clearly thrilled that I once again forced him to take a selfie with me.  I don't care...just happy to have the snapshot for posterity.

I'm still trying to figure out if I fit in over on YouTube or not.  Writing is more my thing.  But it's fun to be creative and learn new mediums over there too.  I never even promoted this video about things that are NOT better than sex.  {I told you I was growing up my blog!}

I went to an Elf party.  It sounds more interesting than it is.  It was a party for families...and KK...and an elf came to talk to the kids and report back to Santa.  It was so cute and clever.  But as always, I did not fit in.  But I mean, I'm the only person I know without a family.  So sometimes I just have to take deep breaths, put on some antlers, and do my best to talk about kids and schools and family plans.  In the end, I had a great time.  The antlers only lasted a few hours though...they hurt my head.

Another friend and I spent an entire day making 20 dozen pans of cinnamon rolls.  I only took one because I just do not need more temptation in my home.  The rest were for her holiday and to gift to teachers and such.  I just have fun helping her for one crazy, exhausting day before Christmas.  I came home that night to shower, eat, and fall asleep before 9.  

Thankfully, the very next day was one of those dreary, snowy days when I had zero plans.  I was basically in my pajamas all day and it was everything lovely and relaxing!

Christmas Eve was spent with District and half of Albany at their annual Christmas Eve party.  It was a lot of fun to see everyone and of course, see my baby bestie H before Santa spoiled him rotten.  Check out those extra special Christmas pajamas he insisted on picking out himself and wearing.  A random shirt and summer shorts.  His momma knows when to stop picking battles.  He'll probably want to wear the monogrammed Christmas pj's in June.

Christmas morning was spent with just me and my daddy.  It was so sad without my sweet Sadie there too.  But I baked up those cinnamon rolls, real bacon {I rarely make bacon and when I do it's usually turkey bacon so I refer to the good stuff as "real bacon" every time I make it now.}, berries, and coffee. Simple, but my favorites.  Then we headed out to the farm to see the whole family in the afternoon.

I was so nervous and didn't sleep much the week leading up to it.  The stress of imagining the worst from family and being heartbroken still over Sadie had me so on edge.  As is often the case, it all turned out fine.  Everyone behaved, gifts were given, food was eaten, laughs were had, and we all survived another year.

My contribution to the Christmas dinner was this giant Blue Hubbard squash that I stuffed with a rice mixture.  {For my own memory, the mixture included: wild rice, pork sausage, caramelized onions, apples, and dried cranberries.}  I was told by three people that it was a bad idea and that no one would eat it because most people don't like squash.  I was so over Christmas though by the time it rolled around that I was completely out of hoots to give on this one.  I was so set on making this dish and just didn't want to discuss it.  

I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the completely masterpiece for you to fawn over but I forgot to take one.  It looked so amazing and tasted even better.  Everyone who ate it, loved it, and and very little was left at the end of the night.  Two cousins and one aunt split the leftovers between them because they loved it so much.  

And did I mention that I grew this bad boy?  Homegrown from seed!

I consider the whole dumb ordeal a win on my part.  And with that, Christmas was over.

So how was your holiday season?  Did you do anything fun or different this year?  Did you survive family time?  And seriously...if you're a bourbon fan...give me your tips...I'd love to know what I should order next when out for drinks with friends!


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Laura said...

Everyone I know likes squash, and that one is gorgeous! Would love the recipe.


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