Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hamilton Is My Election Silver Lining

This morning's post was heavier than I intended.  Which is what happens when I just write and let it flow, instead of planning posts like a good blogger.  I'm not complaining...just explaining.  That said, let me take a moment to share one of my sweetest stories from 2016.  I want this memory in the books to cherish forever.

This summer I reconnected with a college chummy, Hamilton, after losing touch for the better part of a million years.  Give or take.  But by reconnected, I simply mean we started following each other on Instagram.  That was it.  An occasional like of photos was the extent of our reconnection.  

Then the election happened.  And the Cheeto won.  And I cried.  A lot.  I knew that Hamilton was just as overwhelmingly upset, so I reached out and started a conversation.  It was small at first.  But a few days later, it was clear, I had found a silver lining.  

I keep saying we reconnected, but that's inaccurate.  While we were friends in college, it was nothing like the personal friendship we have formed over the last few months.  It's more like the Universe was saving this friendship for the right time.  When we would both be in a very different place and mindset and would be able to appreciate each other more.  And perhaps the Universe knew all along that this is exactly when we would each need a new old friend to talk to daily.

I found myself saying recently that I wished Hamilton had been in my life years earlier.  But I later realized that there's a purpose to the timing.  And it all just makes my heart smile!

From sisterhood to train rides and giggling over every last detail that happens in my head, Hamilton is an absolute peach and my very own election silver lining.

Cheers to bourbon and big hugs in 2017!


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