Thursday, November 17, 2016

You Take The Good, You Take The Bad

Without going into details, going to my family Thanksgiving is no longer an option.  This election changed everything in my tiny world and family holidays top that list.  I've been really crushed about it- it sucks to no longer feel welcome, wanted, or comfortable.

But then a really sweet thing happened.  On the Wednesday after the election, my dad and I were talking and out of the blue he said we would spend the holiday together, just the two of us.  I never imagined he would do that.  I had been tearing myself apart thinking about being all alone on Thanksgiving.  Now though, I get to spend the day relaxed with my Daddy.  I'll cook up a simple but delicious dinner and we can have a low-key holiday together.  

The bad, but with a sweet ending.

I'm suddenly in a big time organize and purge mood.  I have to strike while the irons are hot so I took everything I want to sort and put it in a GIANT pile in the middle of my bedroom floor.  Which feels horrible and daunting, to be perfectly honest.  But...I know that the end result will be less junk in my life.  I'm all about that right now.  Wish me luck though as the next 24 hours of working my way through the storm I just created is going to be taxing.

The good, but with a messy beginning. really is on a spectrum.  The bad isn't always the worst, the good isn't always the best, and none of it is easy.  


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MCW said...

Sounds like a sweet little Thanksgiving!


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