Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week In Review: Costumes, Concerts, And Cauliflower Oh My!

The past week or so has been busy, in a good way.  My big fear for summer ending is always that I will lose my marbles without access to sweating out my crazy in the garden.  So it's a big relief when I get to the end of the week and think, "goodness that was a busy one!"

I have never managed to grow big peppers in my garden.  So last year when I had a glut of small bell peppers, instead of making microscopic stuffed peppers, I cut them up and made a casserole.  With all the key players from stuffed peppers- rice, tomato sauce, peppers, sausage, cheese, and seasoning.  Mix it all together and bake in a dish until the cheese is melted.  It's an easy, cozy dish of comfort food on a cold fall night!  

I had two Halloween costumes this year.  First I was a cat.  I had the components and it was an easy one to throw on without any fuss.  The next night I was a Snow Woman and made a little tutorial video if you need to make any of the snowman components.  It was quick and easy to make and I think it turned out really cute.  

District and I {and half the Capital Region} went to the Indigo Girls concert.  I've seen them 15...or maybe 20 times.  Hands down my favorite band.  And the show was good.  But the audience was odd.  The two women next to me were obsessed with hearing Power of Two.  That is all they wanted to hear and talked about it endlessly.  They would shout it out Power of Two, Power of Two after every song.  Then discuss it between themselves.  The woman next to me would take photos and videos but then with her phone on the brightest damn setting, would edit and post them to social media during the songs.  It was beyond distracting.  Finally I turned to her and promised her that they would sing that song.  The funniest part was in response to my reassurance, she got huffy and was like They better- it's what I'm here for!  Praise Sweet Baby Jesus they played it so she didn't start a revolt.  Concert going is only as good as the audience.  Amy and Emily still sounded amazing though, so all was well and good at the end of the night.  Oh and my bag garnered several compliments!  

I planted my garlic in the garden.  If you're not familiar, garlic gets planted in the fall to be harvested mid summer.  It needs the long winter with a hard freeze to germinate properly.  I bought three different varieties of garlic this year to see which flavor I prefer.  I've never given much thought to garlic flavors so this will be a new experience for me!

There were three small heads of cauliflower still growing in the garden.  I could have left them to grow longer but they were in the way of what I wanted to do for winter prep so I picked them small, smaller, and smallest to enjoy that night.  No regrets- they were tender and delicious!  Man oh man am I going to miss my garden over the next seven months!

And finally, my This Pussy Votes tote bag has been so much fun.  I've received lots of funny reactions and compliments.  Do go check out the tutorial I made if you want to make your own {like mine or not}.

And that's been my week.  What went on with you this week?  Any fun stories to share?

Next week should prove to be crazy for all of us and on top of that, Friday November 11th is the six month anniversary of losing Sadie.  Here's hoping we all find a way to manage ourselves over the next seven days!


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Love that bag! Go Hill!


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