Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Power And Progress Of Pants

I've read a lot of stories lately about women who grew up in the 50's and 60's, in a time when they weren't allowed to wear pants to school.  Regardless of the weather, girls simply weren't permitted to wear pants.

Over and over again I thought to myself, Geeze...that's so archaic and harsh.  I just can't imagine!

And then it hit me.  I wasn't allowed to wear pants to school either until my senior year of high school.  Not until the fall of 1995 did I wear pants to school!

I went to a Catholic prep school and wore a uniform- girls in skirts and boys in pants.  As I lived in South Florida, am comfortable in skirts, and knew nothing different, it never occurred to me until last night that being forced to wear a skirt daily was probably a big deal to some kids.  I know a lot of people who likely would have felt constrained and out of place wearing such feminine attire.

I guess that's progress though.  Progress in my thinking and general awareness that not everyone fits in the same boxes in life.  My comfort zone is different than your comfort zone and both are perfectly acceptable.  Progress in my alma mater that in 1995 women finally gained the right to wear pants on cold days.  Progress in society that wearing pants or suits or any other item of clothing is rarely controversial {can I get an Amen for jeans, my sisters?!}.  And progress that I've been wearing pants for so long that I forgot that I had a rather pant-less childhood.  

Here to so much more progress, large and small, in all of our futures!


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MCW said...

I wish I had a pantsuit to way for today...


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