Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Coffin In My Garden

I've been planting artichokes for four years, however they've only fruited the first year.  Which I now know was a fluke.  Artichoke plants typically only fruit on 2nd year and older plants.

My issue is that I'm living about two zones too cold for them to reliably survive over the winter.  {Though they totally could have survived last year with our mild winter and I am ticked I didn't think to do this last year...but I digress...}.  

I love the plants- they are so unique and beautiful so even if I never get them to fruit, I imagine I will always grow them for aesthetics.  But as artichokes are one of my favorite vegetables, I'd really love to get them past the big, green plant stage and into the food producing stage.

And that's how I ended up with a coffin in my garden.'s not really a coffin.  It's one of the chicken wire hoops that I use in the spring over the young squash plants, filled with straw, covered in a cheap plastic shower curtain, and placed over the cut artichoke plants.  My theory is that it might act as a bit more insulation to keep the plants from dying over the winter.

We'll see if this works.  If it does, I might get to eat my own home grown artichokes next summer.  If it doesn't, I'm out the cost of a cheap shower curtain.  Small price to pay for the potential of delicious artichokes next year!

It definitely looks creepy though.  Which kind of amuses me, so it seems to be a win on all fronts at the moment.

What experiments do you have brewing in your garden, home, or life right now?


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