Thursday, November 10, 2016

Texts With Friends: Starbucks Cups Vs. The World

Here's the thing, this election isn't going to directly impact everyone.  Chances are good that if you are cis, white, straight, male, and middle class {whatever that means these days}, regardless of your opinions, you're life will remain unchanged.  So that's good news for lots of humans, I guess.

But if you don't fit into all of those boxes or the people closest to you don't fit into all of those boxes, there are going to be some pretty dramatic losses in your near future.  Even if that loss is just knowing court case after court case will be argued in hopes of somehow marginalizing your life.  

So maybe if you are in the lucky ducky won't be impacted category, regardless of who you voted for, you can just take a hot minute and realize how insulting it is to tell your friends and family they need to move on and get over it because it won't be that bad.  If you are in the category that won't be impacted, I'm happy for you.  But for the rest of us, I just can't begin to explain the sadness and fear swirling around our hearts and heads.  

Perhaps the next time your friend or family member or co-worker opens up about their feelings, you can just give them a hug or tell them you care about them.  You don't have to agree with them.  Just please stop trying to tell people their fears aren't important because your life is going to remain unchanged.  


MCW said...

Amen. And stop telling us that we should just tell our kids that "Americans voted and we need to respect the president." Bullshit. That's not the issue when talking to the kids. The issue is trying to explain to them that hate won. That Americans allowed hate to win.

Teen! said...

CoSigned / Agreed!

Flo said...

My mind is still completely blown by the fact that there are that many hateful people in this world. Or naïve. I thought better of our country and that we had made so much progress, but I've now found out I was very, very wrong. I have a lot of friends from outside of the US who are still shaking their heads days later. If you think we don't get it, they really don't. Our position on the world stage has become a joke.


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