Tuesday, November 1, 2016

One More Week Of This Nightmare Election

I haven't slept in almost six months.

It started the night before Sadie died and well...it's still ongoing.  However, a few months ago a few election related things came to pass that triggered terrible nightmares for me.  So no on top of my life long battle with insomnia, not being able to sleep more than a few hours at a time because of such a deep grief over losing Sadie that just hasn't let up, I have multiple nightmares every single night about this horrible election.  Donald Trump is very literally bad for my health.

And they don't make a pill for this particular concoction of issues.

I am just beside myself.  To the point that my normally sweet, pearl wearing, pie baking self made this tote bag and have been proudly wearing it everywhere in anticipation of my chance to go to the polls on November 08th.

{Tomorrow I will link to the tutorial I put together for YouTube on how to make your own sassy political statement piece, should you want one.  The back is kind of awesome too.  Though to be clear, awesome in the I'm attempting to take back the power from a horrible human who is giving me nightmares kind of way.}

Tuesday cannot come soon enough.  And I'm quite sure that no matter who you are voting for or what country you live in, you are just as anxious for this madness to end.

But just to be clear, all day, every day, #ImWithHer!


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MCW said...

It's making me anxious as well. I am also liking people less and less when I hear they are voting for Trump. What the ever living F people!?!?


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