Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let's Talk Like Old Friends

Let's talk.  Like friends.  Because we are friends, old friends in many cases, at this point.

So how are you?  How was your Monday?  And can you believe that the election was one week ago today?  

My Monday was productive for the most part.  But then I started to get what I thought was a sinus headache mid afternoon.  That merged into a full fledged migraine by late afternoon and left me in tears.  Not the kind of wailing tears that happen when I think too much about the horrible election or losing my Sadie.  But the kind of tears that just seep from your eyes when you are in real pain.  Not crying- just tears.  

So by 8:30 PM I was in my pajamas, under the covers, with the lights off.  Monday and the migraine won.  

What else...oh Glennon announced she and Abby Wambach are dating.  I actually loved this announcement but I know others felt differently.  I think it's just so awesome when humans feel less and less boxed into one of just two ill-fitting labels.  Life, and everything in it, is on a spectrum.  I also suspected they were dating so perhaps that's why it was less of a shock for me.  I don't know much but I do know this gloomy season needs more bright spots...even if it's our favorite writer offering up a bit of a firework on a Sunday night.

Do you live in a city that has protests happening?  What are your thoughts on them?  Personally, I find them so uplifting and inspiring.  I wish so badly that I lived in a larger area and could participate.  I imagine it must feel so inclusive to be with a group of so many beautiful humans chanting for love instead of hate.  

What are you cooking lately?  I made a Butternut Squash Lasagna the other night and holy moly is it delicious.  It's super time consuming to make, so I only make it about once a year. It's huge though,  so that makes up for the time it takes to put it all together.

Also, someone please give me a virtual high five!  I've managed to stay the heck away from Facebook since Wednesday morning.  It was so toxic for me and just adding to the chaos in my head and heart.  I might go back next week or I might never go back.  Hard to say.  All I know is that right now, it feels darn good to not play in that sandbox.  

Alright sweets, time to start this day and start checking things off the list.  I hope your Tuesday is a great one!

Hugs {because everyone, regardless of politics or religion or anything else is need of more hugs!},


MCW said...

I haven't been quit able to stay away from FB, but I know I should!!! I was going to make a butternut squash lasagna the other day, but backed out. Went for stuffed shells that were so much easier. Happy Tuesday!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I keep taking peeks at FB, ugh!
And would you believe that I am now not sleeping well! Last night I kept having very disturbing dreams re Trump and the election!
I love Butternut squash, but I'm the only one in the family that does. The lasagna sounds wonderful!


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