Sunday, November 13, 2016

Good Things Happened Too

The past week has been dark and heavy.  And I've really struggled to understand {I'll let you know if that ever happens} and accept {it's a process...} the reality of America in 2016.

That said, I am trying so hard focus on the little rays of light.  So without much fluff or fanfare, here they are...

* I've had some of the most positive and uplifting conversations with friends this week.  One of my Butler Besties reached out almost immediately, knowing that I would be taking this all so personally, and she has not stopped lifting me up, talking, and just listening.  Never once has she dismissed me or told me it wasn't that bad or marginalized real-to-me fears.  She's been a rock and a love.  And that's just one example.  I've really been so touched at how many from my tribe of women have been on the other end of the phone to just show love or share our mutual concerns.  

* My garden is completely done being tucked away for winter so I am out of projects right now.  But the weather has been pretty mild so I was able to just go sit in the garden and take deep breaths and dream up new plans for next year.  If we don't get a flake of snow more this winter, I will not complain.  It's been helpful to go be in my happy spot this week.

* I made a Bluebarb pie.  Intended to be a celebratory pie {red rhubarb, white crust, blue blueberries} but it turns out, all pie is good at all moments in life.  Mmmm...pie!

* I got myself outside in the sunshine.  I swear this cures half my ills in life!

* I stopped checking Facebook on Wednesday morning and stopped watching the news on Thursday. That might not seem like a ray of light, but hear me out.  For a year now, I have been glued to all forms of news- online, on my TV, and via social media.  It's been toxic.  All of it.  Especially on Wednesday.  So I shut that all down.  This hasn't exactly solved anything for me, but it has stopped me from getting riled up further.  I suppose it's a bit of self-preservation.  As a result, I'm like a day late and a dollar short on other news of the world.  But all we can do is our best to take care of ourselves.

* I don't drink espresso very often but tried some sort of praline latte from Starbucks and didn't send it back when they put whipped cream on it.  I live life on the wild side, my friends!  Whipped cream!

* I've been rocking good hair days this week.  {It's the little things in life!} And safety pins because I just love the subtle sign to strangers that I am a safe person to talk to, I am on your side, and I am never going to stop fighting for love and equality for all!

* SNL.  If you didn't watch it, promise me you will at least watch the cold open with Kate McKinnon, the opening stand up by Dave Chappelle, and the Weekend Update.  Equal parts moving and hilarious.  Just what the doctor ordered!

I'm not at a place where I can make light of anything that's happened yet.  But I'm not blind to all the lovely life moments either.  We're in this life together, my friends.  One deep breath at a time!

So tell me, what is one happy thing that happened to you this week?  

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