Friday, November 4, 2016

Favorite YouTube Channels To Take Your Mind Off The Election

A few more days, friends.  Just a few more days and this election will be over.  Just a few more days and our girl will be packing her bags for the White House.  I hope.

But if you need a little brain break this weekend, I offer up a few of my favorite YouTube channels that have zero to do with politics.  These are just a few of my current favorites to bring a little smile to your face as you turn off the TV and refrain from looking up stats.  If you need to smile or laugh or relax, I offer you these creative humans...

* Sprinkle of Glitter.  Louise is a charming, relatable, 30-something single momma.  And she's British so she has a lovely accent.  She talks about everything from dating to working {she has her hand in so many impressive projects} to parenting to fashion and beauty.  Louise is all things lovely and funny!

* The Sam Tsui.  I've been posting about Sam for ages on this blog.  But if you somehow missed me fawning over his insane voice, do yourself a favor and go watch now.  He's amazing!

* Casey Neistat.  He's what they call a "big YouTuber" and if you watch a few videos, it's clear why he's achieved so much.  I've got such admiration for his work ethic and creativity.  My mind is constantly blown watching his videos.  He also has the balance abilities of Cirque de Soleil stars as he films himself zipping between cars and buses in NYC daily.  

* The Next Family.  I love this family.  Not in a creepy, stalker way, of course.  But I adore their smart, open, and honest style, their three cute kids, and their realistic view of family life.  And as I grew up in a Spansih style house in south Florida, I'm newly obsessed with their new Spansih home in California. 

* Grace Helbig.  If I could only watch one person on YouTube over and over, it would hands down be Grace.  She has the most brilliant comedic timing and is so flipping funny and creative.  Like Louise {Sprinkle of Glitter}, she has her hand in a large variety of projects including movies and TV shows.  She's wicked talented but seems like a genuinely lovely person who is open and honest about her quirks and anxiety issues.  As the kids say, she's #relatable.

* Living Rosa.  This is a new channel for me but I just smile every time I watch this cute little family.  Two mommas and their baby girl Lennon vlog about their life on the weekends.  This one is a true vlog and is basically the next generation of a blog.  If they were doing this a decade ago it would be on blogger.  But they're hip and young and they document their life on YouTube.  I only mention that for those of us who have been blogging for a'll really love the Roas family and their style of vlogging.

So there you have it.  Just a few of my current must watch channels to take my mind off all things politics.  I gave you a pretty broad variety so there should be something for everyone on this list.

Are you a fan any YouTube channels?  Share your favorites!  And if you want to know what else I watch, let me know that too.  I watch more YouTube than TV the past few years and my interests are fairly diverse.  Also, if you haven't already, please go subscribe to my own YouTube channel.  I am really still so new to using the platform from a creator side but I'm having fun adding to this blog via that channel.  It's definitely all over the place while I get my feet wet but I hope to streamline it more next year and use it in conjunction with this blog.  


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