Saturday, November 5, 2016

DIY Election Tote Bag Tutorial

Are you looking for a way to support your favorite candidate?  Need an easy craft project for yourself or as a gift idea?  I've got your back, Jack!

I made a quick two minute video {will embed later- struggling to get it to work at the moment} on my YouTube channel and I've love for you to give it a quick watch.  I show you step by step {IN JUST TWO LITTLE MINUTES!} how to paint your own bag with this design.  And of course, your need not be so sassy or political.  Though at this point...what do we have to lose?  I'd so greatly appreciate if you clicked this link and gave it a watch, thumbs up to like, and subscribe.  

And if you have any questions on how to paint your own tote bag, please just ask.  I was so please with the simplicity of this quick craft project.  A very fun way to get a very fun DIY tote bag!


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