Saturday, November 19, 2016

About Last Week: Sweet Potatoes, Art Museums, Christmas Trees, And Yoga

Sweet friends, tell me about your week!  Any shake ups, break ups, or successes to speak about?  Give me the skinny!

Because I'm now doing Thanksgiving with just my dad this year, I'm trying to figure out our little menu {that won't be little because it's impossible to make a little Turkey dinner...but it's okay as I love me some leftovers!}.  Do you have a favorite sweet potato recipe you use?  I have a box of sweet potatoes that I grew in my garden this year so I definitely want to use those as a side dish.  If you have a family favorite you can recommend, please share!

Do y'all still {or did you ever} coupon?  I used to be a rock star at couponing.  It was a sport for me.  But after a few years, I just grew exhausted.  It was harder to get big deals without going to 43 stores each week.  I'm pretty loyal to Price Chopper {because it's five minutes from my house} so I miss most of the other store deals.  It also became such a time suck.  It took so long to organize and clip and find deals and prep and then adjust in store and oy vey I just sort of gave it up.  Oh sure, I use a coupon here or there, but noting major like in years past.  All of this is to say that once in a blue moon, like say this week, I get a bee in my bonnet and make a little coupon magic happen for myself and get that sweet deal high again.  It's not enough to bring me back to the high savings but high time investment days.  It was fun though to save 65% this week at the grocery store.  

I hung out in the Albany Institute of History and Art for a few hours yesterday.  The first hour was waiting on District, who was running late.  The second hour was decorating a Christmas Tree any way we saw fit.  The luxury of having boxes upon boxes of ribbons and ornaments and beads to pick from and going to town gives us such a giggle.  We went with a simple red and gold theme this year, with a big madras bow that I made.  There are only a handful of things I can do well in life: baking pies and making bows top that list!

Oh and how cool is this table outside the cafe?  It's filled with sugar and meringues.  I just thought it was so cute for the holiday season.

I made a quick video tutorial on my favorite Turkey {or chicken} and Rice soup.  It's under two minutes if you want to take a peek.  

I've did yoga every day this week.  It's just barely enough to keep the cuckoo in the clock right now but I'm do my best.  

And finally, project organization is half done.  I finished half and then needed to be done until I could focus again this weekend.  Hoping to finish it all up by Sunday night.  It feels good to get things organized and put away and piled up to donate.  


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