Wednesday, November 30, 2016

12 New Puppies For Christmas

Recent conversation with my father...

Dad: I've been searching for part of your Christmas gift for a long time and finally just found it online!

Me: You can find everything online.  

{In my head thinking...I gave you a list...with every item hyperlinked for your convenience...not to sound ungrateful but please don't go rogue on me...let's just keep it simple and buy the shirt I requested from Old Navy that's on sale for like $15 right now and call it a holiday...}

Dad: I know, I found it online.  But I had trouble because I could only find it in huge quantities and only needed 12.

Me: Oh good.

{In my head...12??...12!!!...12 of what??!!...Please say he at least got the shirt...also please let it be 12 new puppies...or bunnies...I'm allergic to bunnies but who cares....please let it be 12 new puppies or the's a cute shirt!}

It's probably something simple like pens, but let's all collectively cross our fingers I'm Instagramming your face off on Christmas morning with my collection of new puppies!


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