Sunday, October 9, 2016

Salsa Verde: Part 2. When Salsa Becomes Soup

Yesterday's riveting post was all sorts of braggy pants about how I used up garden veggies and turned them into canned up salsa verde to last the coming year.

As is often the case when canning, I had a bit extra that I stored in a jar in the fridge to just use up during the coming week.  And I tried it the following day, 24 hours after cooking/canning.

It was okay.  I mean, it's tasty.  But also kind of bland.  I didn't add a jalapeño and I regret it.  It's just blah.  

I had choices.  I could say forgetaboutit and just put all the jars away and use it as is.  I could uncan it all, put it back in the pot, wash/sterilize the jars, throw away the lids, buy new lids, and a jalapeño, make it taste better, and can it all up again.  I could not do either and find a way to use it as something other than salsa.

I went with choice three and am so please with myself!  I used several larger jars of the salsa, plus a sautéed onion, homemade turkey stock, home cooked turkey from the freezer, three cans of white beans, and a ton of cumin and turned it into the most delicious soup.  Perfect for a chilly, dark fall night!

Lemonade, my friends, lemonade!  With a side of fresh bakery bread!

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