Saturday, October 8, 2016

Salsa Verde: Part 1

I had a few handfuls of green tomatillos and a bucketful of green tomatoes and decided I needed to use them up.  Because I didn't have enough tomatillos, I used both to make a salsa verde.  I also added pineapple, garlic {also homegrown...pats herself on the back}, onions, and peppers.

Everything found it's way to a sheet pan to be roasted for even more flavor first.  It made the pineapple so yummy and caramelized!

Then batches went into the food processor and into a big pot.  Once in the pot I turned on the heat and tasted for seasoning.  Added salt and pepper.  And lime juice to each jar before jarring up to hot water bath can.

I was so stinking pleased with myself.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow...

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