Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sadie Sunday: Everything Can Change In Just One Year

Dear Sadie,

I was looking at photos and noticed the date on these two snapshots of you.  The one in the stroller was taken exactly one year before you passed away.  And the one of you walking in the flower petals in Sage park was taken two days later on May 13, 2015.  I am not sure why I gasped out loud when I saw the dates but I think it has to do with how much life can drastically change in just 12 short months.

I hope you know I savored every moment we had together.  Every one of our days meant the world to me.  You were and still are the most precious soul.  I love you every minute of every day, my baby bunny.

One of these days I will be able to write more than that without having to stop six times to wipe away giant tears.  But today, just know, this little Momma misses you with every breath.  I am every so grateful to have all of these lovely photos though.  They really do capture your sweetness so well.

All my love,
XO Momma

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