Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Grown Up Adult Blog


We're friends, right?  Those who still comment have felt like friends for so many years and we are now interconnected across so many social media channels that I feel certain we truly are good friends at this stage in the game.  

So friends...we need to chat.  Like a grown up, pull up my big girl britches, sit down and have a heart to heart with you while holding a very fancy grown up cocktail.  And a huge glass of ice water.  Because if you know me in real life, you know I am never more than seven inches away from ice water.  

I started this blog almost a million years ago.  Or about eight years ago to be exact.  I was in a different phase of life back then.  I lived for Lilly Pulitzer shopping sprees and TJ Max hauls.  I had no idea what blogging was or how it would change my life.  When I started blogging, most of the now big bloggers weren't yet blogging.  That's how many centuries I've been on here.  A lot has changed online.  But a lot has changed with me too.

I'm 38 and a half.  I've stopped volunteering with groups that were once my world and moved on to more ethical organizations.  I've met new friends.  I've dated so many people and have acquired so many highly entertaining but not always PG rated stories.  I've taken on new hobbies.  I've closed down my business.  I've struggled.  I've succeeded.  I've cried endlessly over the loss of Sadie.  I've started focusing on new ideas and hopefully not so distant plans.  I've grown.  I've evolved.  

But my blog hasn't.

This blog has become stagnant.  It's flat and often boring.  I write because I love to write.  But I play it safe.  And it feels sad when I read my posts.  Sad because I know that deep down it's just not representative of who I am at this point in my life.

I play it safe because I am scared of rocking the boat.  I fear that someone will read a post that they disagree with and that will be the end of our blog/vlog friendship.  {Which is dumb because I read posts on blogs or on Insta all the time that I disagree with but don't X a person out...I just come back the next day when they have moved on from that more controversial topic.}  

The other day I was having a heart to heart about an unrelated to this blog topic with District.  She questioned weather she should have spoken up about something and I jumped down her throat.  I told her she absolutely did the right thing.  I never speak up or tussle feathers or rock the boat or shout my voice when I have the opportunity because I am so nervous that I will upset people.  But in the end, I am always upset.  I told District that she shouldn't be like me.  

The next day I retold that story to the person I am dating.  And the day after that, Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter told the world that she was going to stop playing it safe for views and just be herself.  

That's when it hit me.  I mean, I don't know Louise.  But I when I had that conversation with District and my person, they clearly expressed a whoa in response to the statement of "Don't be me!"  And then seeing Louise take such a big step and potentially isolate a large portion of her subscribers...I was equal parts inspired and determined.  

I can no longer be like me either.

I can't always play it safe and sweet and even.  I have real life thoughts and opinions that often only get shared in 140 characters on Twitter.  I have opinions on all of the normal life stuff like politics and equality, faith and family, mental health, dating and sex, and so much more.  But I pretend that recipes and the occasional vent session are all I am able to be honest about on here.  

Not any more.  I am going to get real.  I am going to be brave and be more of the me I am now instead of the me I was {or if I am being honest...the me I wanted to be} a decade ago.  And it might not go over well.  But that's a risk I am suddenly very okay taking.  And let me clarify that this isn't going to turn into a rated R blog suddenly.  I will still force feed you posts on my gardening adventures and all the stuff that makes me giddy.  But I'm also going to share blog posts and YouTube video posts about all the more-than-that stuff that makes up my life.

I've grown and it's high time this blog does, too.

So grab a cup of whatever you have nearest to you, it might be a bumpy ride.  But when we are honest and open in life, the bumpy rides often make the best stories.



Annie said...

I like it! Always gotta be yourself and not care what others think! To each their own!

MCW said...

I think it's very exciting and I'm ready!!!

Jennifer said...

Good for you. Other people's feelings about your opinions or lifestyle aren't your responsibility.

cancersucks said...

Wonderful- it's your blog! Write what YOU want. Bravo!

edgewood said...

Carpe Diem!!!

Marybeth said...

Go for it!!! Looking forward to hearing (well, reading!) what you have to say!

Unknown said...

Bring it--- I think this is the lesson we learn at 30--- Wonder what 40s will bring!


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