Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Colors And Deep Breaths

Before all the leaves were gone for the season, I took the time to get out and about over the past week to soak up all the beautiful autumn colors.  Just in the nick of time too as it started snowing today!

We got so little moisture last winter and summer that I wasn't sure how well the trees would do this fall.  Fear not, they showed up and showed off in all the candy colors I dream about!  

Blue skies, colorful trees, and touch of history in my favorite cemetery.

Beauty is layers.  #DeepThoughts

I have a love/hate relationship with fall.  I love it because it's beautiful and still novel for this Florida girl.  I love the cool, crisp temperatures, despite telling you how much I love summer heat.  But for me, fall is the gateway drug to winter.  Winter means being stuck inside, having the heat on in the house for six months, not seeing green things growing, going sometimes weeks without seeing the sunshine, and this year, missing Sadie who was truly the soul that saved me for 14 years.  

To say I am anxious and even scared about a long winter is an understatement.  

However, I'm also trying to be better about living in the moment.  So I got out and about for walks and hikes and lots of deep breaths.  I tried to appreciate how beautiful Upstate New York is in the fall.  

What's fall like where you live?  Do the leaves change colors?  Do the temperatures drop?  What's your favorite way to celebrate the fall season?

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