Saturday, October 1, 2016

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Smoothies

I've been back on my smoothie kick lately, likely because I think it's a great way to use up kale.  Because every knows {or should you know} that if you stick greens and blueberries in a smoothie, you can't see the greens.  I'm a grown up so I really don't care if my drink looks green.  But for those who do're welcome.

Anyway, there's no big point to this tale other than to say that on smoothie days, I manage to get  more fruits and veggies in my diet in one drink that I often do in an entire day.  

The other day I used up half of a not very sweet cantaloupe, two bananas from the freezer, and a splash of oj.  No green this time but let me tell you, that was one super tasty treat that served as lunch in the form of two giant tumblers.  YUM!

Real hard hitting news, today folks.  I like smoothies.  Jot that down.  Heard it here first.

I don't use a recipe for smoothies because that's like using a recipe for ice water.  What's in the fridge just goes in the blender and served over ice.  Smoothie.  But do you have a favorite flavor combo?  I typically use kale and/or chard plus a bunch of fruits.  If you have any flavor recs though, I'd love to give it a go.


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