Monday, October 3, 2016

Art Of Seating

Friday I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the Art of Seating exhibit and the Albany Institute of History and Art with District.  If you are going to be even remotely close to the area, you absolutely must go see this brilliant display of chairs.  It's a traveling show but this is the first time it's been to the northeast.  Such a fun way to spend an evening.

The entire exhibit came out of a single collection from a collector in Jacksonville, FL.  Immediately upon hearing that, I leaned into whisper to District..."Can you imagine that home?  How large and what kind of decor just to accommodate this expansive collection?!"  I'm here to ponder life's most important questions, y'all.  I may or may not have also suggested that next year we get an exhibit of tables.  

This red chair was made right here in my beloved Troy, NY.  It reclines and swivels.  #enjoytroy

And this blue chair is made of horns and hails from TX.  I could live with the horns but honestly, the pom poms are just way too over the top.  Because of that, it was one of my least favorite in the collection.  

Both of these were child size chairs.  All things are exponentially more adorable when small!

I had so many favorites but the first one and these last two definitely topped my list.  I'd love a pair of these white leather and metal arm chairs in my home, actually.  Easily the highlight for me!

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