Friday, October 7, 2016

A Week In My Life

I'm feeling rather positive about this week.  I love weeks when a lot gets checked of my ever-growing list, despite not everything going right.  So here are some highlights...

# The weather was pretty amazing most of the week and I was able to wear dresses and shorts the past few days.  I will milk my ability to have nekkid legs as long as humanly possible.  Working my best feature, baby!

# It's perfect work in the garden weather but at the moment I am out of things I can do.  Quite the conundrum.  I have a L O N G list of things I have to get done before the first frost but things are still growing and I am not quite ready to start pulling those plants out.  So all week I have gone to the garden, walked in circles, taken a few self-indulgent photos for Instagram, walked in a few more circles, harvested some squash, and left.  I started the biggest of my must get done before winter projects but realized the peanuts and sweet potatoes needed a bit more time in the ground.  As they are right in my path, I'm at a standstill.  I'm probably going to have to pull the trigger though because things have to get done and planted in time to get established before first frost.

# I got in my car the other day, reversed out of my parking spot, everything felt strange and sounded strange, parked and got out, and realized I had a flat tire.  Pulled right back into my spot.  I ran over a screw, which is inevitable living in a growing city.  I needed four new tires so this was a sign to just get that taken care of.  Why oh why is everything un-fun {read: car maintenance} so damn expensive?  Safety first that's done.  And I actually could feel a difference when driving.  Which probably means I was long overdue.  

# I have been so loyal to my sanity via my yoga mat lately.  I'm really proud of myself for getting my ass on the mat, even on days when it is the last thing that sounds fun.  I feel so much better afterward.  Big kisses to the Mermaid for being such an inspiration and encouragement!  

# I broke up with someone.  Last week actually.  It's all very grown up and amicable.  No one hurt anyone or said a single unkind word.  Sometimes things just aren't meant to be and this time, both parties knew it.  I'm still sad though.  Another loss hurts, even under the best circumstances.  {More on this next week...}

# On Wednesday, my left eyelid started twitching.  It's happened before and typically goes away shortly, so I ignored it.  12 hours later I was annoyed.  Thursday morning I woke and and it was still twitching and I was more upset, because while not painful, it's definitely uncomfortable.  At about the 40 hour mark I sent a text to District to say I was googling the situation but pretty sure I was dying.  She called to say I wasn't dying, it was just stress + allergies.  I was like, um, that seems unlikely, it's been great knowing you but obviously death in imminent.  By 4PM I had a huge headache from the eye twitch.  Or from sinuses.  But probably the eye twitch {read: brain tumor}.  By 5PM I bailed on dinner because you know...death was a comin'.  But 6PM I was blowing my runny nose and now had a twitch in the right eye. The good news is I didn't die and it seems District was on to something.  I skirted death, y'all!  The bad news is that both of my eyes are still twitchy and it's very frustrating.  

# I bought my first ever eye shadow pallet.  I feel very grown up {only 25 years late but whatever}.  But true confession here...I don't know what to do with eye makeup.  I think I'm impatient because my lids never look as nice as all the lovely makeup vloggers.  

# I cannot stop eating Honey Crisp apples.  It's an absolute fall addiction.  Things could be worse than eating a lot of big apples though...

# Florida.  My heart.  My home state.  Big hugs and love and hope that everything is okay!  I've been {probably annoyingly} checking in with my people every few hours and so far things seem manageable.

And that about sums up my week.

How was your week, sweet friends?  Tell me a tid bit that happened in your world over the past few days.


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MCW said...

I need an eyeshadow pallet in my life. I have never bought one either! I also am in love with Honey Crisp apples. Sorry about the breakup, even if you know it isn't right its the "getting back on the horse" that's always the worst.


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