Friday, September 2, 2016

How To Use Berries: BlueBarb Pie

One of the first things I made after a recent trip to pick raspberries was a Bluebarb Pie.

Oh are you unfamiliar with Bluebarb Pie?  Well I made it up.  It's simple a combo of blueberry and rhubarb in a pie.  And let me tell you a little was the best damn pie I've ever made {outside of Apple...because apple pie is in it's own understand, right?}!

I'd love to give you a recipe but I didn't use one.  I made this crust because why mess with perfection. And then I did my famous but frustrating to friends who ask me for recipes technique...I just winged it.  I threw in a bunch of fresh blueberries that I picked the day before and chopped up a bunch of fresh rhubarb from my garden and added some sugar and a bit of cornstarch and some cinnamon and a dash of ginger.  And called it a pie.

It wasn't super sweet, which I LOVED.  It was just the most perfect balance of flavors and I hope I can wing it again in the future because holy smokes it was just perfection.  

What's your favorite pie?  Have you ever winged a recipe and had amazing results?  What flavor combo did you toss together?

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