Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hanging On To My Summer In Lilly

I love summer.  I love the sunshine and the warmth and the brightness and the sundresses and outdoor activities and the ice beverages and the flip flops and sun tans and the outdoor markets and the windows open and of course...the garden.

I love summer.

As a result, Labor Day Weekend is a bit of a doom and gloom on my calendar.  I mean, the weather hasn't changed overnight.  But it does get noticibly darker far earlier around here.  We are having cooler nights.  It's less humid.  A lot of things are coming to the end of their life cycle in the garden.  It's just clear that change is around the corner.

I'm in mourning.

It's not that I dislike fall.  Quite the opposite, actually.  What I dislike are the seemingly endless months of darkness that come with winter, never wearing cute shoes because you're always stepping in and out of cold, gloppy much, and wearing 7000 layers.  I find winter exhausting.  Outside of the few charming, freshly fallen snow days, winter just beats me down into an exhaustive depression.

This weekend I wore all of my very favorite Lilly sundresses as a sort of ode to Summer's end.  Because even though I've long abandoned the archaic seasonal clothing rules, it's just impractical to wear a sleeveless cotton sundress when the weather turns cold.

I really had such a lovely summer.  I played with my favorite people and had a pretty good season in the garden.

But I admit it...I'm sad today.  Because change is around the corner.  I'm just not ready to let this summer season go.  

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