Thursday, August 11, 2016

Three Months Gone

Dear Sadie,

Three months ago today I said goodbye to you. Everyone has long since stopped asking how I am doing.  But between you and me, baby bunny, I am not doing great.

I have better days of course.  And then I have cry a lot days.  Last night I made pasta for dinner because I was tired and lazy.  You LOVED noodles and just as I always did, I went to pull out two little pieces of pasta for you.  It's still so automatic.  When I realized what I was doing, I started crying.  Over pasta.  So yesterday was not one of my better days.  

About a week ago though, your little big sister Sophie came to play with you in Heaven.  That's been crazy emotional for me.  Sadie, little's dog, lived with me before and when you came to live with me.  She was there your first moment and you just loved her so much.  I'm so sad knowing she is no longer here on earth but so happy that you two are together again.  I have no doubt she is bossing you around and you are just perfectly fine with it.  

Because I was on a roll with my crying and whatnot last night, I went digging for old photos.  Look what I found!  You and your little big sister Sophie together in Georgia!  You and I drove down from DC for a week to visit Bestie in Atlanta and little and Sophie in Ellijay.

I never get tired of looking at your photos, baby bunny.  You still fill my heart with so much joy and love.

All my love,
XO Momma  

I have so many more things I want to say and write but I have to admit that even just these short posts take me forever as the tears make it impossible to see what I am typing.  The struggle is real.  But I don't want to lose these precious memories and so I plan to continue as my emotions permit to include weekly Sadie posts.  I miss my baby girl and it brings me comfort to have a vault of memories and photos to look back on.  Thank you for being kind and understanding.  

Xoxo KK

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Flo said...

BIG (((hugs)))!! I think of what you are going through often, I know how I would feel (and have felt in the past). Hopefully in time there will be another bundle of fur to fill your heart.


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