Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Best Gift: I Voted Stickers

It's no secret, I am a big fan of participating in the process.  I firmly believe that you either show up or shut up when it comes to just about everything in life.  So I show up.  To everything.  Even my little library election.  I'm there and I vote.

Do you know what I don't do though?

I don't put on an "I Voted" sticker.  

Do you know why?

Because my part of North Pole, NY doesn't give them out.  And I whine about it to no end.  Every.  Single.  Election.  I complain.  To the point that sometimes the pole workers offer me a cookie (that they made and brought for themselves mind you).

After some deep talks on my passion for voting while I was down in Florida a few weeks ago, Bestie Florida got on Amazon and ordered me up the very best gift I have ever received.  Truly.  It was equal parts hilarious and touching.  And quickly became a prized possession.

A giant roll of I Voted stickers!

I wore one that night.  Because I'm weird.  But also because I was excited about what is honestly the most perfect present.

I truly do love voting!  Almost as much as I love my best friend!  Xo


MCW said...

And some people who show up should still shut up. Haha. Just kidding :)

Also, you should stand outside and hand those out at your voting booth in November!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

That is hilarious ! I work at the polls here and everyone loves their sticker! People will hunt you down if you don't give them the sticker! 😀

Casey said...

We used to get those stickers but they've stopped giving them out. Budget cuts I guess?


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