Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sadie Sunday: I Hope Heaven Is Bath Free

Dear Sadie,

Bubble baths were never your thing.  And I generally disliked giving them to you just as much.  But you sure were funny post bath when you would run around the house, rubbing up against the walls, leaving a Sadie height stain, trying to dry off.  No matter how much I would towel you dry, it was just ingrained in you that they only solution to that miserable wet problem was to manically rub against all possible surfaces.

I would cover the sofa and arm chair in towels and you would eventually make your way into one of them.  In the winter {which is like 13 months each year here in the North Pole), I would cover you in another towel and sort of tuck you in.  You would be so exhausted that you would just sleep in that little cocoon for a long time (not something you would do under any other circumstances).  

The day after your bath though was another story.  You were cute and sparkly and you knew it!  You had the most adorable extra pep to your step on your walks the day after a bath.  You were so so pretty and your Poppy said you walked like a parade float.  

I hope heaven is bath free, my baby bunny.  I hope every day is like the day after a bath, with you feeling all sorts of pretty and prissy and sparkly.  

I love you and miss you so much, sweet girl.  

All my heart, 
XO Momma

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