Monday, August 29, 2016

Quick Trip To Vermont: Raspberries And Blueberries And Farm Stands Oh My

It's no secret that Vermont and I have a long standing love affair going on.  I firmly believe it should be nicknamed The Cute State because it really is just all things cute and charming.  As I do most years, I made my way to my farm crush, my fantasy farm estate, Mad Tom Orchard, to pick {and eat} my weight in the most delicious raspberries.

Mad Tom Orchard, which offers you pick raspberries and cherries in the summer months and you pick apples in the fall, is close to Manchester, VT and in the most beautiful location surrounded by the Green Mountains.  My long-standing tradition beings with Mad Tom for raspberries, then moves next door for blueberries, and ends with lunch at the bookstore (and a bit of shopping) in Manchester. I'm a simple girl and this is very honestly my perfect summer day out!

How sweet is this little nest with the most beautiful eggs that are colored blue with brown speckles?  It was sitting right near the top of a row of raspberries.  It looks like everyone that saw it was careful not to disturb it.  I still can't get over how pretty it is!

My view while picking in the lower field.  Not bad, right?!

My view from the lower field back to the main farm house.  Can you imagine living there with that stunning view daily?  Swoon!

If you've never picked your own fruit, I highly reccommend it.  On a large scale, it can be a powerful lesson on where food comes from and the effort it takes to put it on your table.  On a small scale, it's fun and the fruit is always so much more delicious as you are picking and consuming it at the peak.  Fruit in grocery stores is grown, chosen, and packaged for long term.  The purpose of food you find in a grocery store is not flavor.  True story.  It's about eye appeal {read: does it look perfect and uniform} and shipping quality {can it ship and store for weeks and still be edible and possess good eye appeal}. Picking your own is also a great way to get outside with friends or family and experience something different from your normal routine.

The fruits of our labor.  Purple Royalty Raspberries and a red variety with a name that escapes me at the moment.  Wait until I show you two of my favorite ways I use these berries!  Stay tuned...

Do you ever pick your own fruits or veggies at a farm {or at home}?  What's your favorite to pick and why?

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