Monday, August 15, 2016

Homemade White Pizza With A Twist

This is my favorite time of year.  Summer, Fourth of July, traveling, sunshine, no snow, warm weather, sunshine, gardening, being outside, hiking, walking, sunshine, and harvesting garden veggies!  Also sunshine.  I like sunshine.  A lot!

While I am not at all a vegetarian, I often go days and weeks in the summer eating only vegetables from my garden, farm stands, and of course the farmers market.  So I have a few quick and easy meals in my back pocket that get repeated, but with a twist, based on what I have in the house at that moment.

Enter pizza.

You can put anything on pizza dough and call it dinner.  It's the perfect end of the week way to use up what's in the house or what you just pulled out of the garden.

This week I harvested garlic.  While it's not my first time growing garlic, it is my first time with a good harvest.  And I use good with a grain of salt as I only had four heads grow.  I think I planted about a dozen and until three weeks ago there were four growing strong and one that was growing but smaller.  I went on vacation and came back to find the small one just mysteriously disappeared.  I'll take what I can get though and am completely excited about these four heads!

So excited that I caramelized an onion and then chopped up a head of garlic to add at the end to go on my pizza.  I added the lone leftover ear of cooked corn in the fridge, some shredded Italian cheese blend, and fresh mozzarella cheese.  

It was just that simple.  Nothing fancy about it but let me tell you bob, this pizza was insanely delicious!  The corn added the best little sweet crunch!  I will definitely make this combination again when the ingredients permit.

Do you make homemade pizzas?  What are your favorite non-typical toppings?

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MaggieMcCurdy said...

YUM!!! I LOVE homemade pizza and in the summer my favorite is to make a fresh pesto and add some heirloom tomatoes, delish!


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