Monday, August 22, 2016

Half Birthday: Goals For The Next Six Months

Today is my half birthday.  Ugh.  I wrote a post about the last six months but have for now decided to hold off publishing that one.  Instead, I'm going to focus on the future.  Because as much as it does help me to vent and process the past, today is a day to be positive and energized for the good things to come.

So here are a few of the things I plan to focus on for the next six months.

* Do more yoga.  Deep breathing and long stretches and just winning the battle to get my ass on the mat are life changing for me.  

* Tell people what I am feeling.  I am the queen of wanting to be pleasing and sweet and never rock a boat.  So I bottle.  Everything.  I have all the emotions.  But you'll never see them.  I need to continue to get out of my never say a word comfort zone and actually express myself.  Even if the risk is upsetting people.

* Keep saying yes.  I decided almost a year ago to make this my #yearofyes and I've done a decent job.  But I can do better.  I can say yes more.  I want all the stories and smiles that come from being brave and saying yes!

* Focus intensely on my two biggest goals.  I know...I'm not disclosing all the bits and bobs on here.  I will in due time.  I just need to for now keep this close to the chest.  But it's here...the next six months will be all about the two biggies and I want to see where that takes me.  

* Say no without guilt.  I can read...I am aware I told you I want to say yes more.  The thing is, I want to say yes to taking chances and things that get me outside of my box.  I want to say no more to things that I don't want to do but agree to do because I can't work up the nerve to just say no.  {So really, three of these goals are tied least I am open and honest about my issues!}

* Laugh more, love more.  No explanation necessary.  But it should be a stark contrast to the last six months.  

So that's it.  Basically I need to sweat my cuckoo back in the clock daily if possible and find my smile often.  I'm a simple girl who is more motivated than ever to make the past six {well really the last 10} months just a blip in my life story.  And I I KNOW...I can do it!

Cheers to my half birthday!  

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Landlocked Mermaid said...

I KNEW YOU"D LOVE YOGA!!! Just keep getting on that mat and putting that cuckoo back in the clock my love oxxoxoxoxo


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