Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Moment Of Inspiration And A Confusing Story

So a few days ago I found out a bit of information that is just sort of, under normal circumstance, passing information.  Just a tid bit that a friend might share.  Not gossip.  Just oh hey did you know or oh hey did you hear or oh hey this thing took place.  And the information has literally zero to do with me.  Not one part of the info actually touches my world.

Like imagine your life as it stands now.  Look to your left, in the distance, and imagine a big bubble of new information.  It's very far away and in no way has a bit to do with you.  Did I just make this too weird?  I'm very visual but sometimes I lose people in these little exercises.  My point is, info came to me that had nothing to do with me.

Still with me?

Because here's where it gets weird.  Er.  Weirder.

It has made me so happy and changed my little life in such a bright and profound way!

I can't really explain why.  Actually...that's not true at all.  I can absolutely explain why but I'm just not going to right now.  The timing feels off.  

But let me attempt to use this as a reminder that you just have no idea when and what will spark a smile in someone else's life!  You just being you could very well be the thing that inspires or changes a life for the better.

And this concludes today's deep but very convoluted and blatently veiled thoughts by KK.


Landlocked Mermaid said...

I to think it makes perfect send xoxoxo love you

MCW said...

Took me a minute...but I got it :)


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