Friday, July 1, 2016

YouTube Vlog: Processing My Relationship

I filmed this personal vlog on my YouTube channel a few months ago when I was in a better place.  It wasn't on the heels of my break up.  And then I never did anything with it.  Just sat here, using up storage space.  Something happened last week though that made me realize I still have a way to go in processing and moving past a lot of what happened.  It's hard to accept that someone will never feel sorry for what happened or want to apologize.  I am working on it.

I've decided to post this here as a reminder, not only to myself, but for anyone who stumbles upon it and can relate, that we are all more than one person's opinion of us.  

We are not worthless.  We are all valuable.  We have people who see the good in us.  We have people who love us and want to always be kind to us.  It's hard when someone goes to such effort to make you feel so small, to see that you are not small.  Just because one person finds joy in being cruel doesn't mean that everyone else in the world will treat you the same way.  

I know how hard it is to look past that situation that is permeating your world.  But I also know that finding all the other good in life is what saves me.  Gardening, yoga, walking, long drives, dancing it out in the kitchen, talking to friends, and laughing are what fill my cup back up again.  Find what fills your cup up and I promise promise life gets better!  


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MCW said...

It does get better. Learning from my bad dates and relationships helped me to find the one I was supposed to be with. Honestly if some of those relationships hadn't ended and I married one, I would be miserable.


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