Monday, July 4, 2016

What Ever Happened To Pink Swim Caps?

I was talking to a friend the other day and she mentioned going to the pool with her mom to see the ladies.  Something about the way she phrased it took me straight back to the early 80's.  My grandparents on my mother's side lived in a retirement village {not assisted living, rather a planned community of homes and a community center, etc but you had to be over a certain age to live there} in New Jersey.  Leisure Village.

I'm not kidding...that was the name of the community. 

Leisure Village.

I flipping loved Leisure Village!  It was charming in what I would now describe as a creepy 60's wanna be utopian society but as a little kid it fascinated me kind of way.  All the lawns were perfect and uniform.  Everyone was super friendly and knew your name.  It was a lot like Disney World in that everything was manicured and orderly.  But with old people.  As I have been an old soul my entire life, I felt right at home in the village of leisure.  

My grandpa loved the golf course.  My grandma loved everything else.  She was in theater productions. She played bridge.  They met friends for couples dinners at the club.  And she swam with all her girlfriends at the pool.  Where women were required to wear swim caps.

When I went to the pool with Grandma, I had to borrow her extra pink flower swim cap.  Because...rules!  But in my heart of hearts, I thought it was the greatest.  I felt like one of the girls.  I mean, I grew up with a pool in my backyard in Florida.  So going swimming wasn't exactly a big deal for this little Florida girl.  But the big pool with all of Grandma's friends, who all had lovely smiles and friendly greetings and soft skin just like my Grandma, was extra special because of that silly pink swim cap.

Grandma died with I was seven, so I don't have a significant bank of memories with her.  But I am smiling so wide right now that this is one of my favorite memories because it's not always the big events or the big gifts or the big trips or the big anything that leaves the big impression.  

But to my point...what ever happened to swim caps?  Why are they not still a thing?  Why has that fashion trend not circled back around.  Think of all the fun design possibilities!  I know there are actual problems in the world and lack of rubber swim caps is not topping that list.  But seriously...I feel like this fashion trend is long over-due for a big beach come back!

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MCW said...

My grandparents lived in Leisure World! Sounds exactly like Leisure a scene from Cocoon!


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