Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sadie Sunday: Painting Through The Sadness

Dear Sadie,

I wish you were here, baby bunny.  

I sit on the floor in the evenings painting a lot lately.  Just like I have done with all of my artsy endeavors, despite having an amazing desk work space where I should be doing all of this stuff.  I sit on the floor with the TV on and I look for you.  You used to come "help" me by poking your cute little nose in every corner.  I'd talk to you and kiss your head.  You'd come in and out just to check on my progress.  We had a life and a language, you and me.  

I've really had a tough time lately.  The days leading up to the two month mark were just as hard as the days just after I said goodbye.  I am struggling.  And so I paint.  On top of yoga and sewing and gardening and writing.  I've been painting.  It keeps my hands and mind busy.  It's good for me to focus on projects in those quiet, lonely night time hours.  

For you, I am still painting rocks to add to your little spot.  I realize this is inching up on insane at this point but honestly, it's so calming that I just don't even care.  

The Sunday before I left for Florida, I brought you the latest painted additions.  I smile at how cheerful it looks right now!  I honestly think you would be tickled.

There is however a single upside to the past two plus months.  I am still not sleeping much.  No matter what time I go to bed, I am still up at nearly all of the hours.  I give up most morning and just get out of bed and start my day before the birds let out their first chirp.  So I tend to be a morning rockstar lately. I get a heck of a lot accomplished before 10 AM these days.

All the minutes of all the days, I miss you, Sadie.  

Momma loves you!

XO Momma

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