Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sadie Sunday: Change Of Plans For This Florida Girl

Dear Sadie,

Last year when I was in Florida for two and a half weeks in July, I was an absolute wreck worrying about you.  You were so well taken care of by Poppy of course, but I was living in total fear that something bad would happen to you without me being there.  You did actually get quite sick, another bout of pancreatitis, but Poppy minimized the information he told me until I was back home.

It was right then, on the car ride home from the airport, that I vowed not to leave you again.  I would never go more than an hour drive from you and that meant that Florida was out this year.

While sad to not go see my people, you were always my number one and it was never a question that this was the right decision.

But you passed away.  And I have been a sobbing hot mess.  I need hugs and I need to laugh and I need to be with my people.

So guess where I am right now?  Yup...I'm in my beloved Sunshine State.  Still crying, but also laughing a lot.  And sweating my fanny off.  

This too, was the right decision.  It's good to be home.

XO Momma

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