Friday, July 15, 2016

Random Acts Of Kindness: Surprise Garden From The International PixieCoalition

So a year ago...yes a full calendar year...I went to a friend's house when she was away on vacation and put in a garden for her.  Without saying a word about it.  I took photos (seen below) and video (somehow deleted) and am finally getting around to posting the photos.  Which do not do it justice because it was so cute!

My dear friend Nebraska has three of the most beautiful babies in the world.  And last spring, baby number three made his surprise entrance (they have babies via adoption) and threw their family through the most amazing but you know...unexpected...loop.  So Nebraska's normal plans for a small patio garden just never happened.

She and the family went out of town and I put my garden fairy wings on to give her and the kiddos a little surprise.

Before...lots of weeds...

Plus a few basil plants that I planted the week prior with her oldest son.  But mostly weeds...

Poof...weeds be gone!

Time to get the show on the road.  I added a few tomato plants that I had leftover.

Plus some ground cherries, squash, peas, and peppers.  Just little bits of this and that with what I happened to have leftover from my own garden planting.  

The pots are large so I planted multiple things in them.  

I picked up a ton of shade tolerant flowers because while this planter box is awesome in size and location to the back door, it's in a very shady spot.  I think they looked really lovely with the flowers in front and a few vining veggies (that I don't think did much...because too much shade...but I tried) in the back.

I was most proud of how I presented this project to the family.  I wrote this whole letter about how I was Trixie the Pixie and I flew by and noticed they needed a garden so I planted it (this was geared towards a five year old mind you...please do not think this is how I talk to my adult friends).  I placed the note on the sliding glass door facing in so that they would see it as soon as they got home (and water the garden!).  I was told this note was a hit- yay!  Pixie Crop Dusted...a year later and I still think that's clever!

Trixie even added pixie dust all over the garden.  Because of course she did!  Pixies love them some glittery dust, y'all!

And garden bunting.  Because Trixie watches a lot of British gardening videos on YouTube and has a full on obsession with garden bunting.  I about fell over myself though because I thought it was especially adorable in the trees!

The before and after shots.  That just don't do it justice.  I can't believe I lost the videos I took.  Dang!

This is how I choose to spend my free time.  Not only will I work in my own garden, but I force them upon my friends (this was not the only friend garden I planted last summer...District got one too). I'd say I have a problem but I mean, it's a garden, how can that possibly ever be considered a problem?!

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Ruth said...

What a sweet thing to do for your friend.


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