Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sadie Sunday: Happy Father's Day

I know you loved me.  With your whole heart.  I never ever doubted that.  But you loved your Poppy, my daddy, just as much.  He was your best buddy, or as I called him, your best Poppy.  If he was around, you never left his side.

You two had the most special bond and I am so grateful for that.  I'm so grateful that he got to share in your perfect love.  But more than that, I am so grateful that you got to have him in your life.  He's the best dad and he sacrificed the world to raise me.  He continues to do whatever he can for both of us, baby bunny.  He was so good with you.  Poppy walked you when I couldn't, took care of you when I was sick or out of town, carried you when the salt hurt your paws or when you were too tired to walk more, helped me give you medicine when it was so difficult in the last year, and loved you every single day.  Never ever has a better Poppy existed for a puppy in this world!

My world continues to feel empty and flat without you.  Not a day has passed when I haven't looked for you out of habit.  Part of me wants that to end and part of me hopes it never ends.  And all of me knows that's a weird thing to say!

I'm making Poppy a big Father's Day brunch today and no doubt we will talk about you and how much you would have liked to sweet talk us into a nibble.  And how helpful you always were in the kitchen.  

I wish you were here to give my dad kisses and cuddles on his special day.  I will simply have to do the spoiling and loving for the both of us this year.

I miss you baby bunny and I know Poppy does too!

XO Momma

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Unknown said...

Awww, such a sweet post.

xo Jen
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