Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lake George, Perfect Weather, Kisses, And The Very Best Weekend

It's been a while since I had a weekend that tip to tail was pure bliss.  This past weekend though, was exactly that!  What's sort of funny to me as I am thinking about how to explain just why my weekend was so delightful is that nothing major happened.  I just really and truly enjoyed myself.  It's high time I quit dwelling on my woes and start dwelling on my wows.  So here goes...

Friday was one of those days that saw a lot of boxes checked off the ever-growing to-do list.  Man, isn't that just the best feeling to get stuff done?!  Then I spent the evening with a friend and her family.  It was chaos as she has three littles age 6, 2, and 12 mos.  But they're so cute and funny and as I am just the fun auntie, I thought it was all rather hilarious.  

Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn like every day, because I am still not sleeping.  So as I often do these days, I went over to my community garden to get some things done before the sun was pounding down.  It felt great to dig in the dirt and get some more things checked off the list.  I then ran a few errands, made my favorite curry chicken salad for lunch, made the French toast casserole for Father's Day that needed to sit overnight, showered and got myself ready to head up to Lake George for a wedding, all before noon.  I'm telling you, my lack of sleep has me living an extra lifetime before lunch every day.  Of course I am good for nothing come 8 PM because I am near tears from exhaustion...

My cousin and his lovely bride got married at the most spectacular estate on Lake George in the Adirondaks.  I wasn't overly excited about giving up an entire Saturday for this wedding but once we got there, I was completely proven wrong.  The setting, the cold glasses of bubbly, the good hair day, and the company of my family was all things good in the world.  I think everyone had the most wonderful time.  The weather was perfection- nothing but sunshine and clear blue skies!

Sunday morning was Father's Day, one of my favorite holidays.  As I was raised by my single {gay} dad, this is definitely a holiday I am sure to celebrate, despite my father's protests.  I made all his favorites for brunch and we just had a casual morning nibbling on our favorites.  I ran over to the garden for a few hours too as I am babying all the newly planted winter squash, some of which have already taken their last little breath.  I also planted six new pepper plants as nearly all of those I originally planted have been eaten.  Ugh...the critters are just impossible to beat this year...again.

Early evening I headed out for a date night that once again was all things good in the world.  All the good food and drinks and laughs and smiles and stories and smooches...  See, I told you I am just a better human with summer sunshine!

I needed this weekend.  I didn't realize how badly I needed a weekend that was free of drama and sadness and frustration until Sunday rolled around and I suddenly felt lighter.  I still cry daily because I miss my Sadie so much and I am still not sleeping.  But I feel like I am working hard to find the silver lining in life and my inner jar of glitter is visible again.

Cheers to a summer full of sunshine and smiles for all of us!!  


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MCW said...

Sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend!!!


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