Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just Breathe

Something came up last week that rocked my world.  I did something nice, with no agenda at all, just tried to be kind.  A very tiny gesture.  And it was meat with such venom and unkindness that it shocked and rocked me deep down in my toes.

But what happened internally was a realization that I need to address a few things on my end.  I didn't realize how sort of scotch taped together I was until that moment.  The event that rocked me was rather small but it brought up a lot of goop inside that I am ready more than ever to fix properly.

So I was very brave and made myself very vulnerable and took a really big personal step towards healing.  It was hard but also, in a weird sort of look at the big picture way, it was easy.  I am working on me right now and I am really proud of that!

As often happens, I took a drive.  I do my best thinking when I am alone in the car.  I can talk it out, sing it out, cry it out, scream it out, and deep breath it out.  And then I take in a view.  It's my thing and it just helps me process life.  I'd be lost without long drives and long walks!

How could I not see the good in the world with this view in front of me?  This is just perfection!

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MCW said...

It's good to know what you can do to start feeling better. I am not always the best with that. Thinking of you!


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