Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dating, Hiking, Yoga, And My Year Of Yes

Life has been full and fun lately.  Which has been such a relief after a rather tough winter.  I'm continuing to embrace my #yearofyes and am constantly pushing myself past my comfort zone.  Here are a few highlights to catch you up...

#Dating.  It's happening and it's making me smile.  I leave a few more breadcrumbs on my other socials (Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat...@preppycrocodile on all three) but let's just all rejoice that the painful stories of a bad past relationship and the {now} hilarious stories of some crazy and unsuccessful first dates are all in the past.  For now anyway... {because...let's be realistic...#datingishard...even though right now #datingisfun}

#Reconnecting.  With myself.  With family.  With friends.  I've been doing a lot of reconnecting over the past year and I can feel all the good coming out of it.  It's amazing to know that there are people in my life who just don't care why we lost touch because they love me too much for such pettiness.  #lovewins

#Hiking.  Yup...I said hiking.  I'm from South Florida.  No one hikes.  You can walk the beach.  But it's flat.  And open.  But up here in the North Pole, hiking is a rather popular pastime.  And guess who has decided she flipping loves hiking?  ME!  I know...crazy pants.  Here's the thing...  I used to think hiking meant scaling a mountain and needing special equipment {remember...FL girl here}.  It turns out it's basically just the woods.  Why they don't call it walking in the woods...well I don't know.  No one asked me.  But that's what it is.  Walking.  With trees and lakes.  All things I dig.  So you're hearing it here first: KK the Preppy Pink Crocodile really likes hiking.  

#Gardening.  Proper post just on this year's garden is forthcoming but in the mean time, I've planted not a darn thing yet.  Mostly because I was seriously sick for six weeks.  And now that I am not on my deathbed, it's cold and raining.  Like, raining a lot.  Y'all...I'm considering building a damn ark.  All the precipitation we didn't get this winter is coming down in buckets this week.  But I assume it will eventually let up and I will finally get my new fence up and brassicas and potatoes and carrots and other goodies planted.  Until then...I'll just be over here collecting animals two by two...

#Yoga.  Proper post on this coming soon too.  But I have really embraced practicing yoga this year.  I've had weeks where I did none and I could feel the difference in myself mentally more than anything.  Y'all...I'm becoming someone I don't even recognize with the yoga and hiking and dating and whatnot.  But a great way.  I like it.  #om

#Sadie.  She's doing okay.  She has stable days and less stable days.  But she's 14 and I am highly aware of what our next step is.  I will note that living every day haunted with the "is today the day" feeling is miserable. It's truly unhealthy and something I am really struggling with pretty regularly. For now though, she is just the cutest little lovie ever to walk this earth.  Not a day has passed in the past two months that I have felt anything other than deep gratitude for another day with her.  I have several new #sadiesunday posts coming up because I love having the photos and memories of her on here to cherish moving forward.

And that's where I am now.  Making my own sunshine and taking life as it comes to me.  Deciding in October to start my #yearofyes was the best decision I ever made.  

So how are things with you lately?  Have you found any fun new hobbies or pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone to try something new recently?  

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MCW said...

Awesome recap! You sound happy and sure of yourself. I live to "hike" with Jaxy, but our hikes are more like long trail walks!


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